Not Nostalgic, Kim Jones on Tokyo

I made for Nowness with Kim Jones of Dior for Nowness.

Featuring Seika, Kazunari, Yu Ishizuka, Yoshitsune, Makito (Light Model Management), and Mash Shimizu

Executive Producers:Shaway Yeh and Yaohui
Production and Casting: Taka Arakawa
Production Coordinator: Qian Tang
Music: Nick Zinner
Styling: Emma Schwarz 
Makeup: Yuka Hirata
Makeup assistant: Lee Hyangsoon  

Shot in Tokyo

Ryan Hemsworth - Special Girl ft. SK & Tomggg (Official Music Video)

Happy to share a video I made for Ryan Hemsworth.

Performers: 姜⽟玉莉 (Jiang Yu Li) 王明超 (Wang Ming Chao)
Camera: Noah Sheldon, Daniel Szeto & Nathaniel Brown
Producers: Jean Liu & Rosalind Coleman Editors: Jia Li & Marc Ressang
Choreographers: Oliver Hornsby-Sayers & Steven James Apicello
Make-up: Virginia Chen
Color Grade: Julia Gao & Noah Sheldon
Lettering: Melissa Thuy Lin
Additional thanks to Chen Hao, Milk and Honey Productions Shanghai, Eddie Pak, Vincent Taylor, Vivian Sangsukwirasathien, Maggie Peng, Elsa and Lina Sheldon

A film I made on the artist Amalia Ulman

This is a short film I made on the artist Amalia Ulman about her piece "Rescue", an interactive sleepover, where 15 strangers were asked to dispose of phones and personal belongings and were left stranded in an art gallery for an all-nighter. The film was made for AirBnB

Domus Mixtape #9: The Sound of Las Vegas

This is a piece I originally made for a show at PS1 MOMA. Happy it has a new life as a Domus magazine mixtape. 

A binaural immersion into the environments of winning, and losing, in the gambling-as-spectacle capital of the world.

We hear a room full of hundreds of slot machines making their appeal. Occasionally we hear the machines paying out in the clinking of coins. My path was guided by the sounds of winning. In this recording I would get as close as possible to the people and machines that were paying out. I recorded this piece with a pair of tiny homemade microphones hidden in a hat while walking around the casinos in Las Vegas. One microphone on each side of my head in front of my ears. The technique is called binaural recording. My head becomes an obstacle for the sound so that a sound coming from the right has to travel a greater distance to the left ear, creating a slight time delay which our brains use to locate the source of the sound. The shape of our ears allows our brains to figure out if a sound is coming from the front or behind of us. With this recording technique—which is ideal for reproducing the "live" sensation of a concert hall or any type of ambient or naturalistic recording—my ears become reflectors and obstacles for the sound before it hits the microphone, which creates a very detailed and immersive stereo field.

The Domus Mixtape series is curated by Daniel Perlin.

check it out here...

Converse’s Get Dirty campaign...

I had a great time shooting Converse’s Get Dirty campaign for greater China. It was super fun. We set up a seamless backstage at a concert in Shanghai sponsored by Converse - I photographed each member of all the bands that played right before and after their set. We featured band members from Hell Yeah, New Pants, Queen Sea Big Shark and more.