A film I made on the artist Amalia Ulman

This is a short film I made on the artist Amalia Ulman about her piece "Rescue", an interactive sleepover, where 15 strangers were asked to dispose of phones and personal belongings and were left stranded in an art gallery for an all-nighter. The film was made for AirBnB

Converse’s Get Dirty campaign...

I had a great time shooting Converse’s Get Dirty campaign for greater China. It was super fun. We set up a seamless backstage at a concert in Shanghai sponsored by Converse - I photographed each member of all the bands that played right before and after their set. We featured band members from Hell Yeah, New Pants, Queen Sea Big Shark and more.

Women in the Military...

First Lieutenant ADRIENNE SERBAROLI, Quantico, VA

A couple of months ago I shot a story for Barnard Magazine about alumnae in the military. It was a pleasure to meet such interesting and smart women and hear their stories about life in the military.