Women in the Military...

First Lieutenant ADRIENNE SERBAROLI, Quantico, VA

A couple of months ago I shot a story for Barnard Magazine about alumnae in the military. It was a pleasure to meet such interesting and smart women and hear their stories about life in the military.



Now from China and New York...

I am happy to be writing this from my new home in Shanghai!

I am available for projects in China as well as any where else in the world as usual. Now a local in Shanghai and New York City!

Contact info... my phone number in Shanghai is +86-186-1687-5337 and in New York +19177213243

Pompeii for Apple...

In August I had the pleasure of visiting Pompeii for Apple to document a team of archaeologists led by Dr. Steven Ellis and Dr. Eric Poehler. The photos tell a story about how Dr. Ellis with the help of the iPad has revolutionized the way scientists work in the field. Pompeii is a magical place - so cool to get to walk around the site at sunrise before any tourists arrive. The whole experience was wonderful. Check it out here http://www.apple.com/ipad/pompeii/

Washington Square Park 9/29/10...

When I started out as a photographer I was way too shy to take portraits of people I didn’t know. I mostly shot architecture. It was lonely. I decided I needed to change. I gave myself an assignment to hang out in parks and take portraits of people. The two rules I gave myself were 1) I had to ask if I could take their pictures, and 2) the more awkward I felt about asking them the more I forced myself to. At the beginning of this exercise it would sometimes take me 30 minutes before getting the courage up to approach – I would follow them through central park at a distance hating myself – feeling like a stalker. I worked on this more and more till I  felt comfortable approaching strangers.

In New York people say yes 99% of the time when I ask. I tried the same thing in Miami and people also said yes – but thought I was trying to pick them up. In LA it’s hard to get close enough to people to be able to ask.